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We are looking for talented people to join our team. Check out the job opportunities below.


Back-end Developer

A mid-level to senior back-end engineer with solid Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Node.JS, and other backend development tools. 

Front-end Developer

A mid-level to senior front-end engineer. Expertise in UI/UX, React, Node.js, XHTML, and other frontend design and development tools. 


We are looking for a designer with serious skills in designing dashboard, control panels, command centers, and reports. If you want to design the next version of ZenLedger, this job is for you. 


We are looking for several marketing people skills ranging from CMO to  Growth Hackers, Content Writers and Interns. Come help us help millions of people pay the cryptocurrency taxes. 

Sales/Biz Dev

Do you love to sell software solutions to enterprises? Have you sold financial software solutions to major clients? Come help us forge key relationships and grow revenue. 

Accounting CPA

We are looking for several accountants and CPAs that are tracking closely the movements and changes in the financial sector and know the latest behind cryptocurrency taxes. 

Customer Service

We are looking for people who can help us serve our customers better. you must have a skill for details, and passion for helping customers save on cryptocurrency taxes. 

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