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9 Best Crypto AI Trading Bots in 2023

Automated ‘crypto AI trading bots’ software can help you time your Bitcoin purchases and trades. The main goals of this program are to increase earnings while reducing risks and losses. With the help of these apps, you can manage all of your Bitcoin exchange accounts. Several of these tools make trading for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin (BTC), and others simple.

Below is a list of the top crypto AI trading bots and a description of each one’s most well-liked characteristics.

Crypto AI Trading Bot: What is it?

In the simplest terms, a crypto AI trading bot is a piece of software that analyzes market data and executes trades automatically on behalf of the user using artificial intelligence algorithms.

The AI trading bot is designed to execute transactions quickly and effectively, follow specific trading strategies, and make choices depending on market conditions.

This can help traders save time and effort, and it can even provide greater results.

List of best crypto-AI trading bots

Below is a list of the best AI trading bots

1. Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is our top pick for AI trading bots since it enables experienced, professional, and novice traders and investors to optimally utilize their potential for profit.

Over the past month, the platform’s native tokens, called D2T, have surged by more than 100%. One of the leading AI cryptocurrency currencies, these tokens have recently seen growth. The presale for the platform was wildly successful in the second half of 2022.

The tokens increase the value of the Dash 2 Trade platform by giving users access through a three-tiered monthly subscription.

The platform, which was designed and developed by an experienced team of professional traders, offers AI crypto trading via its automated trading APIs in addition to other trading tools like a back tester that enables users to test concepts and strategies in actual market conditions without having to risk any money.

Copy trading features, which let new traders imitate the strategies of winning traders on the platform, are also advantageous to them. In order to improve their abilities in strategy, analysis, and copy trading, they may also visit a learning school.

2. Kryll 

Since Kryll allows script authoring without the need for prior coding experience, it is one of the finest AI trading bots for beginners.

Users may create their automated trading bot as basic or complicated as they’d like by choosing pre-existing features using a drag-and-drop approach.

By facilitating trading on well-known exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and, the AI-powered cryptocurrency trading bot facilitates trading for both novice and more experienced traders.

More than a dozen pre-built trading strategies are also available from Kryll, with returns varying from only 2.49% to more than 50% and a range of risk profiles.

Users may also include real-time signals from other websites, such TradingView or their preferred Telegram group, using Kryll’s Webhooks function.

3. Zignaly 

Zignaly, a top AI crypto trading bot, offers a variety of features, including the option to develop your own strategy from the start or to adopt and improve one that already exists.

It offers both free and paid signals, has a user base of around 500,000 investors, and has its own cryptocurrency, Zigcoin (ZIG).

Users may receive rewards while lowering success and trade costs thanks to the ZIG-powered platform.

Customers may invest and then let experts trade on their behalf using one of the several copy trading platforms that Zingaly offers. 

The platform has no minimum investment requirements, monthly fees, or fees for deposits or withdrawals.

4. GunBot 

GunBot is a fantastic AI crypto trading bot for beginners because it offers users a choice between 14 pre-coded trading methods that successful and seasoned traders have created.

Although the functionality is restricted in comparison to a couple of different platforms on our list, it is also possible to construct bespoke tactics.

The site promotes itself as being privacy-friendly, with strategies staying secret and the trading bot running on your local device rather than the cloud.

It features a built-in browser interface that enables safe access to the platform on a local workstation, in addition to being mobile device optimized.

There are other extras, like an accumulation bot that enables investors to continuously “buy the dip” or a DCA tool that aggressively decreases the average price of a substandard purchase.

An add-on for TradingView allows GunBot users to immediately make orders based on email notifications.

5. 3Commas 

For traders of all skill levels, 3Commas is an excellent Bitcoin trading bot that lets users create their own strategies from the start or utilize pre-existing ones.

There are a variety of pre-built algorithms available for people with little to no prior trading expertise, while more seasoned traders may design their own parameters and let the AI crypto bot trade continuously.

With the use of the SmartTrade function, which enables dollar cost averaging (DCA), smart sells, short sells, and trailing orders, users can manage their trading strategies and bots from a single spot.

Its signal finder will scour the cryptocurrency markets for prospective buy, buy strongly, sell, and sell strongly suggestions. After receiving a signal, the automated bot subsequently processes the order.

Similar to the majority of the other services on our list, 3Commas offers several membership tiers, ranging from free to premium. In addition, it has a popular smartphone app.

6. Cryptohopper 

One of the top platforms for trading cryptocurrencies is called Cryptohopper, and it allows both copy trading and trading with AI crypto bots.

AI-powered trading bots allow users to duplicate the positions of other successful and seasoned traders on the market in addition to following indications provided by the platform.

Users may assess and rank the numerous tactics that the AI is fed in order for it to analyze them and choose the best model for the market at hand.

This function is not available with Cryptohopper’s free membership, but it is available with its three higher subscription tiers.

The site includes an advanced trading platform, portfolio management tools, and a selection of technical indicators, among other features for trading and investing in cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, it provides a variety of social features, a backtester, and demo trading modes for new traders to learn the ropes. 

7. Learn2Trade 

Learn2Trade is a well-known and highly acclaimed Bitcoin trading bot with more than 70,000 users worldwide and a four-star rating on the peer-review website Trustpilot.

It provides both free and paid services, up to five profitable and exact signals daily, real-time social media notifications, and daily technical analysis. One of the best generators of crypto signals on the market is the platform.

In addition to the daily signals, Learn2Trade’s VIP option also offers entry, take-profit, and stop-loss price levels. The company says that its signals and guidance have a success rate of 79%.

Additionally, they include details on the risk-reward station and the suggested trading quantity, ensuring that customers are fully informed before risking their money.

In addition to its AI crypto trading software and recommendations, it also offers copy trading, 24/7 manual trading, and a selection of courses on forex and crypto trading for beginners to learn and hone their trading abilities.

There is professional guidance accessible, and the website also hosts weekly webinars that offer more insights and observations on the market.

8. HaasOnline 

On HaasOnline, the industry-leading AI crypto trading bot platform, there are numerous options to automate transactions.

The trading bots are further configured and customized using technical indicators as well as other risk management strategies. HaasOnline users are able to communicate with the bot any way they like.

Beginner users may also use pre-built trading bots that make money by spreading disparities between two exchanges using tried-and-true bitcoin trading strategies.

For more seasoned users, there is HaasScript, a specially developed language that generates scripts for AI crypto trading bots without requiring any prior coding knowledge. 

Users get unlimited transactions with no fees or exchange limits, and they may trade on more than a dozen exchanges, including Binance, Kraken, and OKX.

Users must pay a monthly membership fee in Bitcoin to access HaasOnline.

9. Pionex 

One of the rare products on our list that is totally free and doesn’t need a monthly membership is Pionex.

Additionally, Pionex does not work with other exchanges and has its own unique trading platform that supports hundreds of cryptocurrency pairs.

It gives users the option to use AI-powered trading bots for strategies including grid trading, arbitrage trading, and more.

It supports leveraged transactions and is one of the few AI crypto trading platforms with a dedicated mobile app.

The benefits and drawbacks of AI trading bots

An AI trading bot’s ability to run continuously, even when the trader isn’t actively watching the markets, is one of its biggest benefits. Traders who have other obligations and can’t spend all of their time in front of a display screen will find this very helpful. 

AI Trading bots are also frequently configured to scan several markets and periods, giving traders access to a greater range of information to help them make trading decisions.

The ability of trading bots to assist traders in making more unbiased selections is another benefit. Trading bots can assist traders in avoiding typical blunders like overtrading or hanging onto a lost position for an excessive amount of time since they are not driven by emotions like fear or greed. 

AI trading bots are frequently designed to adhere to a chosen strategy or set of rules, which may aid traders in sticking to their plans and avoiding irrational actions.

Trading bots can have certain disadvantages, though. One of the biggest hazards of using a trading bot is the possibility of errors or poor trade execution. 

Code problems, wrong settings, or a slow internet connection will be to blame for this. Additionally, hackers and other cyberattacks frequently target trading bots, which might result in financial loss.

A trading bot’s frequent over-reliance on prior data and past success is another risk of using one. Although historical data is frequently helpful in guiding traders’ decisions, it won’t always be accurate or relevant to the present state of the market. 

Additionally, prior performance isn’t always a predictor of future outcomes, and traders should keep in mind that no trading technique is guaranteed to be profitable.


Before utilizing a trading bot in actual trading, traders must properly investigate, test, and keep in mind any potential hazards. Traders should also be aware of the laws governing trading bots because they may vary depending on the country or location.

To sum up, trading bots are a powerful instrument that can assist traders in making better selections and maybe enhance their earnings. 

They do not come without hazards; therefore, traders should be aware of them and properly investigate and test a trading bot before utilizing it in actual trading. 

Additionally, traders should keep in mind that there may be different rules regarding trading bots depending on the nation or location.

Disclaimer: This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, tax, legal or financial advice. You should consult your own tax, legal, and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.

Best Crypto AI Trading Bots FAQs

1. Do AI trading bots actually work?

AI trading bots perform better and save users time by not requiring them to spend a lot of time learning various trading techniques and settings. They are also a fantastic choice for individuals who want to start trading cryptocurrencies since they make it possible for amateur traders to use lucrative tactics.

2. What percentage of AI trading is successful?

These link to millions of potential trading settings through a number of investing algorithms. Probability is communicated with traders overnight, and this has a success rate of at least 60%.

3. How does a trading AI bot operate?

In the simplest terms, an AI crypto trading bot is a piece of software that analyzes market data and executes trades automatically on behalf of the user using artificial intelligence algorithms.