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Crypto games

5 Best Play to Earn Crypto Games

Crypto games have gained more users and media interest in recent years. Blockchain technology, in-game ownership, and NFTs are just a few of the cutting-edge components that are included in crypto games. Players may often win prizes in the majority of crypto games. 

We’ll cover all you need to know about crypto games and even taxes in this tutorial. We’ll lay out the tax ramifications of the most typical transactions in crypto games and explain why tax reporting for these games may rapidly become complex. You can also discover the crypto gaming sites with the most profit potential by reading about them.

What are crypto games? 

In-game purchases are available in a lot of well-known titles. However, centralized game studios usually end up making profits from these purchases. For instance, Epic Games receives 100% of the revenue from Fortnite skin sales. 

In addition to that, there are about 97 decentralized games across the Web3 ecosystem. 

What is the process for cryptocurrency video games?

The features that crypto video games offer range considerably. The fundamental idea, though, usually doesn’t change.

For instance:

  • Blockchain technology and digital assets are integrated into the ecosystem of crypto games to enable them to function.
  • The uniqueness of in-game objects is guaranteed through the use of blockchain and NFTs.
  • Players may maintain ownership and control over their in-game assets that are kept on the blockchain thanks to this.
  • Additionally, some of the most recent crypto games have Web3 technology built in. This covers augmented reality and the metaverse. The finest games for earning cryptocurrency may then provide engaging experiences.

Various forms of crypto games

In this sector, there are many different kinds of blockchain games. Each has its own distinct qualities and experiences.

An overview of the many genres that are offered in the cryptocurrency game industry is provided below.

  1. Battle 
  2. Metaverse building 
  3. Challenge-based 
  4. Strategy 

Listed below are the top 5 crypto games

Investors are paying close attention to the blockchain gaming industry.

Here are the top 7 crypto games to play right now if the concept of playing to earn appeals to you:

1. Tamadoge 

A rapidly expanding arcade library and a P2E gaming sensation. With its first game published to great success in late January and another set to be released soon, Tamadoge was one of the greatest new cryptos to emerge in recent times and now has a tremendous amount of users on the way. 

Super Doge, a Mario-style platform game in which players hunt down bad SECKnights and gather cash, received overwhelmingly good reviews from the crypto gaming community and more than 80 hours of gameplay on the first day of release.

Players move up a leaderboard with incentives given out on a weekly and monthly basis by finishing levels as rapidly as feasible. 

The straightforward and enjoyable game may be played for free or paid for, but in order to access the latter, users must possess one of the Tamadoge NFTs and pay 1 TAMA for each play.

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2. Ecoterra

In the thriving cryptocurrency industry, Ecoterra has emerged as a cutting-edge company that has created a gamified method of earning cryptocurrency while combating climate change.

The Ecoterra project is now offering tokens at a presale price of $0.00775 USDT in the continuing presale stage. A transparent and KYC-verified team of developers is supporting the project. Prices are anticipated to rise to $0.01 USD at the end of the process.

3. RobotEra, an up-and-coming multi-reward crypto game, is expected to compete with The Sandbox 

A new cryptocurrency game called RobotEra (TARO) combines the metaverse, NFTs, and robots to provide a lucrative and entertaining virtual environment that is full of creative tools, similar to The Sandbox. 

It’s a perfect opportunity to become involved with RobotEra while the project is still in its early stages because the native ERC-20 TARO token’s presale went live in Q4 2022.

RobotEra, one of the top gaming cryptocurrencies available, offers captivating gameplay that will appeal to users of other cryptocurrencies or projects focused on the metaverse, such as Decentraland. Investors who want to learn more about the project can watch the video below, created by well-known YouTube expert Jacob Crypto Bury.

4. Swords of Blood, a P2E game that fans of loot mechanics will like.

The blockchain-integrated games business is surely flourishing with a wide variety of fascinating titles. Successful developers understand that coupling these systems with an interesting storyline is the secret to their success.

Swords of Blood is unique in the cryptocurrency gaming industry because of its compelling story, which distinguishes it from other games of the same type. In the fallen world of Ezura, players assume a variety of roles, such as battle mage or warrior, and go out on adventures with deftly created tales in order to obtain the greatest riches.

5. Newly launched presale token for Pikamoon, a P2E gaming metaverse

Pikamoon, an NFT and play-to-earn role-playing game, is one of the greatest new crypto games in 2023. Investors may purchase NFT avatars and products from a vibrant market on Pikamoon using the $PIKA token. They can participate in contests and conflicts in the Pikaverse to win prizes. 

Pikamoon NFT avatars may now be bought using the $PIKA presale token that was just released. In the virtual world of Dreva, there are 18,012 NFT avatars, each of which is divided into four zones. 

You may participate in player vs. player combat, online competitions, and missions with your Pikamoon NFTs. In the online mode of Pikamoon, players face off against one another to go up a leaderboard. Top performers receive $PIKA tokens from a liquidity pool as compensation. 

Pros of crypto games

Benefits and incentives

The reward structure of crypto games is arguably their largest benefit. Blockchain-based games, in contrast to conventional ones, let players earn money for their time and work.

Rewards are often handed out in NFTs or cryptocurrency. Additionally, gamers will have total control over these incentives. They may exchange them on online markets or use them to buy game enhancements.

Asset ownership and asset control 

The top cryptocurrency games support true ownership and control of in-game assets. This is so because NFTs on the blockchain serve as a representation of in-game assets.

NFTs may be acquired in-game through gaming and exchanged for real money on internet markets.


Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies enable brand-new and inventive gaming features that are not achievable with conventional online games.

This can include genuine player-owned economies, decentralized markets, and more. Players have the opportunity to acquire a tiny stake in the project and, ideally, profit by investing in a cryptocurrency game coin.


Strong communities have sprung up around a lot of cryptocurrency games. Players and developers work together in these communities to provide fresh content and enhance the game experience.

Additionally, by participating in the community, players may interact with other players, talk about tactics, and exchange advice.

Do crypto games generate profit?

The top cryptocurrency games give players a variety of methods to earn money for their time. However, a player’s approach has a significant impact on how successful crypto games are.

For instance, experienced players who put a lot of effort into the cryptocurrency game may be able to reap big gains. If the in-game crypto or NFT’s value rises over time, players may also profit.

Additionally, market circumstances, rivalry, and other elements may have an impact on a cryptocurrency game’s profitability. There are hazards, though, just as with any investment.

It is crucial to do adequate study before beginning to play P2E crypto games. Before spending time or money on any cryptocurrency game, players should be aware of the hazards.

Play-to-earn games are taxable?

The IRS could treat the Bitcoin you acquire in a game where you can earn money as regular income if you play games where you can earn money. Similarly, depending on the current value of your purchased tokens relative to their original purchase price, you can realize a financial gain or loss when selling them.

Taxation on receiving crypto rewards? 

When you win cryptocurrency in a crypto game, it’s likely that you’ll be taxed on it according to its fair market value at the time you won. 

Depending on how your tokens’ value has changed, you can make a financial gain or loss if you decide to sell your cryptocurrencies in the future. 

Conclusion; future of crypto games!

According to research, widespread acceptance of blockchain gaming is currently lagging at a low level. However, these games appear to have a promising future.

As this cutting-edge nexus of gaming and blockchain technology continues to develop, the future of crypto games is bright and primed for impressive development. 

Because they provide better user experiences, financial incentives, and new options for players and developers, cryptocurrencies are already upending established gaming structures. 

By 2027, the market for blockchain gaming is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 70.3%, reaching 65.7 billion USD.

The incorporation of play-to-earn methods is one of the major factors that will influence the future of cryptocurrency games.

Best Play to Earn Crypto Games FAQs

1. Are crypto games secure?

A variety of things affect how secure cryptographic games are. This includes the reliability of the developers and the security of the underlying blockchain.

2. Which crypto game is the most popular right now?

Ecoterra is the top crypto game to try out. Through the Recycle2Earn ecosystem, consumers may earn substantial benefits for recycling and help fight climate change.

3. Can I earn cryptocurrency through gaming?

The number of blockchain games that let users earn Bitcoin is on the rise. Some of these games focus on tactics, while others let players develop and earn money from their virtual possessions. Ecoterra, Tamadoge, and RobotEra are some of the top cryptocurrency games for earning prizes.