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Upcoming NFT Project

Best Upcoming NFT Projects of 2023

Are you looking to invest in NFT projects and make a profit? In this guide, we have the best upcoming NFT projects of 2022 for you to consider.

From relative invisibility before 2020, the popularity of non-fungible tokens has risen dramatically. One of the main reasons NFTs gained popularity is the sale of digital content such as artwork and music for exorbitant amounts. 

However, NFTs are more than just a cash grab. Even though they are still in their early stages, they are more than just images on a blockchain network. Utility NFTs exceed the boundaries of investment to transform how we interact, work, and play. They are non-fungible tokens with applications beyond the representation of unique digital assets such as rewards, privileges, or rights to their owners. 

Nevertheless, NFTs have two extremes. On one hand, they are seen as potentially innovative tools that empower artists, increase their remuneration, and transform the digital art space, while on the other hand, they are seen as the latest examples that bring forth several structural challenges in blockchain-based technologies. This is due to their use for fraudulent activities, misinformation, and sometimes total deception with regard to the NFTs and the legal rights of the tokenized asset. Still, NFTs can be a great investment, and if you are looking for upcoming NFT projects to invest in, we have made a list of the best upcoming NFT projects down below. 

But first, let’s get the basics right – what do you mean by NFTs?

What are NFTs?

NFTs are made and utilized on a blockchain-based system. A blockchain is a distributed ledger that records any type of information. Its consensus mechanism makes sure that every entry is aligned and consistent with earlier records of the same database.

As the name suggests, NFTs are non-fungible, cryptographic tokens that represent digitally scarce units of value. NFTs come in different varieties, ranging from coin-related tokens to assets, securities, shares, and more. 

Why Invest in NFTs?

Earning Potential

Just like any investment, buying NFTs has the potential to make you money. Some NFTs have even been sold for millions of dollars, but instead of investing in them to make a quick buck, it is recommended to invest in them for the long run. 

If you invest in an NFT project at its start, you could make money as the project gains popularity and value. You can even sell it and earn a lot of money. NFT projects such as CryptoKitties, CryptoPunks, and Bored Apes gained immense popularity and value, bringing in a lot of money for investors. The key to making money is choosing the right project, which we will help you with later in the guide. 

Low Barrier to Entry

Investing in NFTs doesn’t have any special criteria. People with access to Rarible, OpenSea, and other NFT marketplaces can easily invest in NFTs. While they can be a bit on the expensive side, they are still more accessible as compared to some of the other assets.

Transparent Ownership

As we’ve already mentioned, NFTs exist on a blockchain-based system, and therefore, it is easy to track their ownership. In case someone makes an attempt to copy the image of an NFT, the owner can prove his ownership of the asset. 

Portfolio Diversification

It is perhaps the best reason to invest in an NFT. They can be an excellent investment vehicle if you are locked in for the long run. NFTs allow you to automatically add an alternative asset to your investment portfolio and benefit from the growth that might occur with the popularity of the NFT project. 

Learn More About Blockchain Tech and Crypto Assets

For those eager to learn about crypto assets, NFTs are a good starting point. As an investor, understanding the mechanics of blockchain technology and NFTs is crucial before making an investment. The more you learn, the more opportunities you might find to grow your wealth. 

With that out of the way, let’s talk about some of the best upcoming NFT projects that you should consider for an investment. 

Upcoming NFT Projects

1. Copium Protocol

One of the best upcoming NFT projects this year, Copium Protocol allows investors to make money from passive crypto mining. The key goal of this project is to use mine revenue from a real-world mining facility and maintain a demand for Copium Coin, its native token. 

The project is about to release its Investor Pass NFTs and begin its initial phase. During this phase, the Copium Protocol will mint 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum network.

2. Silks

Another one of the best upcoming NFT projects is Silks and it is amassing a lot of attention. This NFT project was launched by a team of horse racing industry experts, and thus, in this blockchain-enabled metaverse, you can buy, sell, and earn rewards from your thoroughbred racing horses. 

Troy Levy, one of the co-founders of Silks is the CEO of Tropical Racing, a company that secures great racehorses, and the owner of Circle 8 Farms. This is what makes this project interesting because the virtual horses in the game have a counterpart in the real world. When the racehorse in the real world performs well, the owner of the same virtual horse benefits from it. Additionally, this metaverse project will allow you to buy plots of land and build your own stables to take care of the horses. It goes without saying that these plots are NFTs, which can be bought and sold via the Silks marketplace. 

3. Tamadoge 

Tamadoge has gained a lot of investor confidence. As of now, the project has raised around $19 million in just a span of 2 months and sold all of its presale allocations in a very short time. Investors are interested in this NFT project because of its unique use cases such as metaverse integration and play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics. 

In this P2E game, you have to breed and raise NFT-based Tamadoge Pets, which you have to use in a player-vs-player battle. Whoever wins the battle gets Dogepoints. The player who has the most Dogepoints at the end of the month will get TAMA as a reward.

4. Lucky Block NFTs

In the past few years, Lucky Blocks has become one of the best altcoins in the crypto space. The main reason behind this is its new and fresh crypto-lottery feature. The team behind Lucky Blocks soon decided to get into the NFT space and launched the Platinum Rollers Club collection. This collection comprises 10,000 NFTs and allows the owners to enter an automatic draw and win prizes worth $10,000. 

This project is hosted on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and out of the 10k NFTs, 25 of them are badged as rare, so their owners will make twice the money if they enter the draw and win. 


DAPE or Degenerate Ape Academy is a Solana-based NFT project with 10,000 unique monkeys with various characteristics such as fur, clothing, and glasses. These are a medium of exchange for users to exchange digital assets. 

It is Solana’s first million-dollar NFT collection, led by Obbotis1, head of project management. Other than that, it is also one of the most hyped NFT collections where buyers own all the intellectual property rights of their NFTs, which are protected by smart contracts

6. Star Atlas

Star Atlas is one of the best upcoming NFT projects considering its blockchain-based game, set in the year 2620 with immersive content, various characters, spaceships, and incredible cinematic quality. These features alone make it the best game-based NFT project. 

Since it is based on Solana, it is secure, fast, and efficient, with extremely low transaction fees. On top of it, the game has an innovative deflationary mechanism that rewards players for engaging in risky activities. The Star Atlas metaverse is growing at a rapid rate as they earned $3 million just by dropping NFT spaceships. 

7. Illuvium

Another game-based NFT project on our list is Illuvium, a fantasy role-playing game built on Ethereum. It is an immersive game where gamers can get 100+ Illuvials with different classes, affinities, and abilities. You can also upgrade or fuse your Illuvials in order to fight battles and capture enemy Illuvials.

Buying these assets on the platform is easy and requires no gas fees. You can store your Illuvials in shards and NFTs in your crypto wallets. If you stake your NFTs, you can get voting rights for the project.

9. Invisible Friends

Launched by Markus Magnusson, this NFT project attaches clothes to invisible walking characters, and has been gaining a lot of attention in the past few months. 

Many investors and collectors have shown their interest in this project because other than its catchy art style, it is bright, simple, and easy to understand from just its first glance. Not much is known about this project yet, but it is known that if you own an Invisible Friends NFT, you also get the 3D Invisible Collection of Random Character Collective. 

10. Real Estate Investment Club

For gamers who love Red Dead Redemption and GTA, the Real Estate Investment Club is the NFT project for you because it was created by the designer of the aforementioned games. 

If you buy these NFTs, you get entry into an exclusive club of individuals. Also, your avatars will give you access to Digital Asset Property Group (DAPG) and MetaCity. This metaverse is in the making using Unreal Engine 5 and the designers are planning to make MetaHQ the core of this metaverse. 

Moreover, while creating the MetaHQ, an interoperable ecosystem, the designers will integrate a lot of monetization opportunities and NFT use cases. As the project unfolds, the value of the NFTs is expected to rise. 

11. Awesome Possums

Founded by Nicholas Brison, Awesome Possums is the world’s first upcoming NFT project that focuses on raising mental health awareness, charity, and addiction recovery. 

The project has 12,000 Awesome Possums NFTs of which 10 will be super rare. It is important to remember that Awesome Possums is a community-driven project, and the investors will get access to private Discords that are focused on self-development. The Discord group regularly checks in on its members’ mental health with the help of professionals. 


With such unique and attention-grabbing NFT projects, NFTs have gained a lot of popularity among investors, collectors, and enthusiasts. In our guide, we mentioned some of the best upcoming NFT projects for you to invest in. 

Upcoming NFT Projects – FAQs

1. How do I find upcoming NFT projects?

If you want to find worthwhile NFT projects, join the community of an NFT project, which may be on Instagram, Discord, or Twitter. Another way to choose an NFT project is to go through the road maps of the project. It gives you an idea of what the project plans to do in the future. Also, check whether the founders have mentioned any notable artists or celebrities and if they are available on OpenSea or Rarible.

2. How do I know which NFT project to buy?

If you want to know if you want to invest in an NFT or not, do thorough research on the project and find out which blockchain it is based on. Research the creator of the project and the community. Also, look at the future goals of the project.

3. Is NFT worth investing in?

Yes, NFTs can be a worthwhile investment if you know what you are doing. Before getting into NFTs, learn about blockchain technology and then move on to NFTs. The more you learn, the more opportunities you might find to grow your wealth.