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Launching ZenLedger

EOS & Taxes: Are you Prepped?

How To Prepare EOS & Cryptocurrency Taxes for 2019.

EOS Taxes are extra hard for people who owned EOS in 2018.

ZenLedger just launched specific crypto tax support for EOS. We will track your pre-ICO buy-in (ERC20) until EOS main net launch and token event. It also tracks everything across that transition, and is the best way to file your taxes correctly for EOS investments.

ZenLedger’s special support reads directly from the EOS main net. It also reads the EOS ERC20 pre-ICO coins from Ethereum’s blockchain. We link every transaction together for you, saving you a lot of time and headache.

We need people who owned EOS  pre and post ICO to use ZenLedger and give feedback. In exchange for your help, ZenLedger will give you a $120 refund.

If you have pre and post ICO coins, you’re the US-based user we need! Simply signup for ZenLedger and once you’ve uploaded your EOS coins and are ready to give us feedback, email us about your experience at “[email protected].” In exchange we’ll refund you $120 off your purchase.

You can save money on your income taxes by taking crypto capital losses. ZenLedger outputs the Schedule D and 8949 forms that you need to file Crypto Taxes and Accounting.

This program is for a limited time only. We’ll refund only the EOS users who email feedback over the next two weeks to [email protected]

ZenLedger’s EOS tax support handles transactions on EOS wallets and in exchanges.

The EOS ICO can be a very complex accounting problem for you. It’s likely that you acquired preI-ICO ERC 20 EOS coins from a couple different sources. Then you registered the coins or an exchange like Binance did for you. Then you had new EOS main net coins. You have them sold or traded those coins. We will automatically connect each EOS pre-ICO ERC20 coin to each EOS main net coin and track your cost basis and taxes as you got into other coins.Here are some ways we make this very fast and easy for you:

*Did you purchase EOS ICO on Binance? Just enter the read-only API keys to Binance and it imports everything fast

*Do you have EOS on an Exodus Wallet? We support the EOS ICO on Exodus wallet and trades of ETH to EOS through Exodus wallet/Shapeshift

* Did you move EOS to and from different wallets in order to unstake it, or move EOS to an exchange to sell it? We can track these non-taxable self transfer for you.

And that’s it! You can review your transactions before purchasing your Schedule D, Form 8949 tax forms. We’ll automatically check to see if you need FinCen 114 FBAR and FACTA filings too. Finally, you’ll get a comprehensive audit report and our tax loss harvesting tool.

You could try to do this by hand on your spreadsheet, or simply let ZenLedger handle it for you. And if you run into any problems – we will be there to help you!