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How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency

How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency? 10 Best and Simple Ways

Do you want free cryptocurrency but don’t know how? In this guide, we cover how to earn free cryptocurrency in the 10 best and most simple ways.

Cryptocurrencies have amassed a significant amount of popularity in the last decade as an investor can make substantial dough with it. However, with great rewards come great risks. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and can either skyrocket or plummet with a single bad press day. Let’s take Bitcoin for example, in November 2021, it reached an all-time high of $68,950 and at the time of writing this piece, in January 2022, it is at a low of $37,434. 

But, before this causes disappointment, let us clarify, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy cryptocurrencies as they are still a great long-term investment vehicle. Before investing, just ensure you do your research and form a good investment strategy. Better yet, want to get a taste of crypto investment without investing your money? You can get it for free. Yes, you heard it right, for free. But, how to earn free cryptocurrency?

We will share 10 ways with you so that you can earn free crypto instantly. Before that, let’s talk about the most used way of earning free cryptocurrency. Let’s go!

Crypto Mining

Cryptocurrency is a digital peer-to-peer currency tracked via a public digital ledger called a blockchain. One of the ways to earn free crypto instantly is mining. Here’s how it works.

Every transaction made on the blockchain is added to the ledger queue, which needs to be validated before permanently adding it to the blockchain. For the validation process, blockchains have validators or miners who verify the transactions in sets known as blocks. When a transaction is made on the chain, miners quickly work to validate it and in doing so, they receive rewards. The verified set of transactions or blocks is added to the blockchain but it can’t be done with a home computer.

Miners invest in pretty expensive hardware to solve the mathematical puzzles first and validate the transactions. While you receive free crypto with mining, initially, you have to invest a significant chunk of cash on mining hardware, and let’s not forget the utility expenses, which defeats the purpose of earning free crypto.   

How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency?  

Mining is viable but it requires a lot of resources and for a beginner, it is not practical. So, here are a few ways to free cryptocurrency.

1. Get Crypto Signup Bonuses

Exchanges are one of the easiest ways to earn free cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is sign up for one of these exchanges and you can earn free cryptocurrency. It works the same as stock market bonuses where you have to deposit a certain amount of money on the platform within a certain amount of time to be eligible for a bonus.

Here are a few platforms that earn free cryptocurrency via signup bonus

  • SoFi
  • BlockFi
  • Celsius
  • Nexo
  • Voyager
  • Gemini
  • Coinbase

The above-mentioned platforms are not just the best crypto exchanges to earn free crypto, they are the best crypto exchanges to buy, sell, or trade crypto in the market today.  Speaking of Coinbase, you can not only get a signup bonus on the platform but there is another way to earn free crypto.

2. Watch Videos on Coinbase Earn

Coinbase is one of the largest and most trustworthy crypto exchanges in the world. Recently, Coinbase launched a section on the website called Coinbase Earn where you can watch educational cryptocurrency videos and earn free cryptocurrency. The  upside of watching cryptocurrency videos is you are not only getting free crypto but you are acquiring knowledge as well. If you want to earn by watching videos then CoinMarketCap also has the same feature.

3. Get Free NFTs

NFT or non-fungible tokens are not exactly cryptocurrencies but they are crypto-adjacent and most people are making a lot of money by buying and selling them. Of course, you cannot make millions of dollars with every NFT available in the market but people have sold them for a decent amount of profit. The easiest way to earn a free NFT is to search for NFT giveaways on Twitter and you can see a lot of giveaway opportunities that will require you to follow a certain Twitter account and retweet one of their tweets. Remember, be aware of scams as some Twitter accounts make big promises for free and NFT giveaways just to increase their Twitter following.

4. Apply For the BlockFi Credit Card

BlockFi, one of the largest crypto exchanges, has just released the Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card. On every single purchase, this card offers 1.5% back in bitcoin and it doesn’t have an annual fee. For the first three months, you can earn 3.5 percent back in Bitcoin, and on $50,000 of annual purchases, you can earn 2 percent back in Bitcoin.  

Moreover, if you buy or trade on the BlockFi platform, you will earn 0.25 percent back in Bitcoin. There’s also a referral program on the platform where you get $30 on every friend you refer whose card is approved. 

5. Get Free Stock and Exchange It For Crypto

Some stock trading platforms also deal with cryptocurrencies on their platforms and people who sign up for these platforms get free stock as a sign-up bonus as well. If you are wondering how to earn free cryptocurrency from stock trading platforms? This is how: 

  1. Get free stock as a sign-up bonus
  2. Sell the free stock
  3. Use the amount to buy cryptocurrency

Here are a few stock trading platforms that might help you earn cryptocurrency for free:

On these platforms, all you have to do is meet the criteria to earn free stock and sell the said free stock to buy the crypto token of your choice.

6. Use Presearch as Your Search Engine

If you ever thought that you cannot earn cryptocurrency by just browsing the internet, Presearch is here to change that opinion. Presearch is a blockchain-based decentralized search engine that treats its users with Presearch tokens (PRE) for using the browser to search the web. Currently, PRE is worth around $0.25, so it won’t make you a millionaire overnight but it is still one of the easiest ways to get free cryptocurrency. Keep in mind that you need 1,000 PRE to redeem them on an exchange.  Other than free crypto, there are two other benefits of using Presearch:

  • Privacy
  • Fewer ads

7. Read Articles on Publish0X

Even reading can get you free cryptocurrency but if a question popped in your head about how to get free cryptocurrency by reading then Publish0X is the answer. It is a crypto agnostic platform where both the readers and the authors can earn crypto. This is you do it:

  • Sign-up for Publish0X
  • Read crypto-related articles
  • Once you are done, the platform will ask you how much of your reward do you want to pay the author and how much do you want to keep for yourself. Choose the needful. 
  • See the token deposited into your account

8. Use the Brave Browser

The Brave browser rewards its users with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) cryptocurrency for just using the browser to surf the internet. The browser blocks all ads and offers a seamless web surfing experience. When you first download Brave, the browser will ask you if you want to partake in the Brave Rewards program. If you do then you will be shown some high-quality ads and if you watch those ads, you will earn BAT tokens, which you can transfer to your Gemini wallet and earn 3.49 percent. 

9. Earn Interest on Your Cryptocurrency

To earn interest on your tokens, you have to deposit them on a centralized or decentralized exchange. The interest you earn relies on the exchange you use, the cryptocurrency you choose, how much cryptocurrency you own, and in some cases, how long you lock the tokens up for.

Reminder: Don’t use a single exchange to earn interest on your coins as it can get hacked and result in you losing all your tokens. Instead, use three or more exchanges to diversify your portfolio. 

The below table shows the approximate interest rates on large as well as stable coins: 


Bitcoin Returns

Ethereum Returns

Stablecoin Returns


6.20 percent yield up to 0.25 BTC, 3.05 percent yield afterwards

Up to 100 ETH, 5.35% returns and 3.52% returns afterwards

10.02% yield


5.75 to 7.25% yield based on how much Voyager token you own

4.60 to 6.10% returns based on how much Voyager token you own

9 to 10.50% yield based on how much Voyager token you own


4% – 5% yield based on your portfolio you have in NEXO coins

4% – 5% returns based on your portfolio you have in NEXO coins

8% – 10% yield based on your portfolio you have in NEXO coins


4.5% returns up to 0.10 BTC, 1.0% returns for 0.10 – 0.35 BTC, and 0.1% returns afterwards

5.0% returns up to 1.5 ETH, 1.5% returns for 1.5 – 50 ETH, and 0.25%  returns afterwards

9.00% yield up to $40,000 in stablecoins and 8.00% yield afterwards





It is important to note that interests on your crypto accounts aren’t FDIC-insured so if the exchange gets hacked, you may lose your coins and the earnings. 

The last one in our list of  how to earn crypto for free is a bit unconventional but it sure is fun as compared to the other ones on the list. 

10. Play Free Mobile Games to Earn Crypto

There are some games that reward their players with cryptocurrency for simply playing them. However, the rewards are comparatively lower than an NFT-based game, but you can still earn some crypto while having fun. Here’s how to get free cryptocurrency while playing a game called Coin Hunt:

  • Download the free mobile game 
  • Search for various colored keys by exploring the real world
  • Use the key to open vaults
  • You will be asked to answer trivia questions when you open the vaults
  • Answer them correctly within the time limit and earn BTC or ETH

Here’s how to earn free cryptocurrency by playing CryptoPop:

  • Download the free match-two game from Google Play Store
  • Link your ETH wallet
  • Start playing and earn ETH

To Wrap It Up

Cryptocurrency has made a positive impact on financial markets and individuals have  made decent profits with crypto investments over time. If you can get your hands on free crypto then it is a lucrative deal. And this won’t cost you a limb like the pricey mining software gear and rigs and with so many ways to earn free crypto, it is a great time to get started.

How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency FAQs

1. How can I get cryptocurrency for free?

1. Get Crypto Signup Bonuses
2. Watch Videos on Coinbase Earn
3. Get Free NFTs
4. Apply For the BlockFi Credit Card
5. Get Free Stock and Exchange It For Crypto
6. Use Presearch as Your Search Engine
7. Read Articles on Publish0X
8. Use the Brave Browser
9. Earn Interest on Your Cryptocurrency
10. Play Free Mobile Games to Earn Crypto

2. What app gives you free Bitcoin?

Several crypto exchange apps may give you Bitcoin as a signup bonus. Such as:
1. SoFi
2. BlockFi
3. Celsius
4. Nexo
5. Voyager
6. Gemini
7. Coinbase

3. Can I mine Bitcoin for free?

While bitcoin mining software is free and the mining process itself is free, there are substantial costs attached to both hardware and electricity costs. On one hand, the mining hardware can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands, on the other hand, these equipment are very power-hungry and can draw a significant energy bill. So, in a way mining Bitcoin isn’t free.