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Crypto Podcasts

Top 10 Crypto Podcasts

Discover some of the most popular crypto-related podcasts and why you might want to tune in to them.

Podcasts are a popular way to learn new things and connect with the people and topics that matter to you. Unlike reading a book, you can listen to podcasts during long commutes in the car or at work. And best of all, the content is available on-demand so that you can listen to anything, anytime.

But, as they’ve become more popular, there has been an explosion of new podcasts, and it’s becoming harder to find high-quality content. Anyone with a microphone and an internet connection can become a podcaster, and many large companies are creating podcasts as promotional tools rather than to educate and entertain.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular crypto-related podcasts and why you might want to tune in to them.

New to Podcasts?

Are you new to podcasts? If so, don’t worry; it’s easy to get started!

Most people listen to podcasts on their phones using Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts. And, as a result, most podcasters submit their content to these apps, making it easy to access new episodes. In fact, you can easily subscribe to the different podcasts and even auto-play new episodes in the order they’re published.

Many podcasters also have websites with embedded audio players if you don’t use a phone. Spotify and other websites also make it easy to manage your podcasts and easily access new episodes without visiting a website every time. Of course, you’ll have to sign up for an account to save podcasts and receive these alerts.

#1. Bankless

Bankless is a newsletter platform that helps people hold, lend, borrow, earn, spend, invest, and stake cryptocurrencies to go bankless. With the launch of its podcasts, the group features interviews with insights into decentralized finance, non-fungible tokens, and many other market areas, making it ideal for those wanting to go beyond cryptocurrencies.

#2. CoinDesk’s Podcasts

CoinDesk is one of the most popular news organizations covering the crypto space. In addition to its articles, the company publishes several podcast series, including The Breakdown with NLW, Markets Daily with Adam Levine, Money Reimagined, and Opinionated. All of these podcasts are incredibly high-quality and informative for anyone interested in crypto.

Listen on CoinDesk

#3. Crypto News Alerts

Crypto News Alerts has more than 100 episodes covering all the latest news surrounding Bitcoin and Ethereum. The podcast focuses on the latest news, rumors, and speculation, featuring comments from articles around the web and prominent Twitter accounts. It’s an excellent way to keep abreast of the market and latest trends.

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#4. Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau is a popular news organization covering the crypto world. With host Guy “The Crypto Guy,” the podcast dives into different crypto projects of interest, and Guy shares his latest tips and tricks. The podcast goes into a lot more depth than some other podcasts on the list and covers a wide range of macroeconomic topics affecting crypto.

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#5. Unchained

Laura Shin’s Unchained podcast features talks with industry pioneers about how crypto assets and blockchains will change how we earn, spend, and invest. As an independent journalist covering crypto, she addresses a range of stimulating topics, such as how to donate crypto to make a real-world impact and why NFT artwork sells for so much.

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#6. What Bitcoin Did

Peter McCormack’s What Bitcoin Did covers Bitcoin and how it impacts today’s economy. He provides 17 evergreen episodes covering essential topics, like “What is Money?” and “What is Bitcoin,” along with a tri-weekly program that goes over current events, like “El Salvador’s Bitcoin Bond” and “Bitcoin as Digital Energy.”

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#7. Bad Crypto Podcast

Don’t let the name turn you off! The Bad Crypto Podcast by Joel Comm and Travis Wright is an entertaining discussion of the latest crypto news, scandals, and crashes. Guests on the podcast provide interesting insights, while you can also find some price prediction and speculation based on reliable data and historical price movements.

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#8. The Pomp Podcast

Anthony Pompliano’s The Pomp Podcast features conversations with high-profile executives to self-made millionaires to get their insights into various crypto topics. For example, you’ll find everything from a Bitcoin versus gold debate featuring Peter Schiff to a conversation with Mark Cuban about what he would do as president.

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#9. Crypto Curious

Crypto Curious is a podcast put on by Equity Mates Media designed to take listeners from “crypto curious” to “crypto caught up” with a wide range of discussions breaking down the basics and discussing new trends. Hosts Tracey, Blake, and Craig make it easy to understand everything from NFTs to how to start investing in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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#10. Decrypt Daily

Matthew Diemer’s Decrypt Daily focuses on breaking news and crypto market updates. For example, you’ll get everything from commentary on live Congressional hearings to a weekly wrap-up to summarize what happened in the market. It’s a great way to keep up with everything happening with a daily podcast or a weekly summary.

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Beyond Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the most popular ways to get the latest news and information and learn about cryptocurrencies. However, they’re not the only source of news and information out there. Blog posts, newsletters, YouTube videos, and online courses also provide valuable information in other formats that might be easier for some people to consume.

Some of our favorite ways to keep informed are:

  • Crypto Newsletters – Premium newsletters are a popular way to access high-quality content and gain an edge in the market. Substack is the go-to place for these newsletters.
  • Crypto Courses – Online courses are an excellent way to dive into a particular subject to gain an in-depth understanding. Udemy is a great place to go to find these courses.

The Bottom Line

There are many crypto podcasts out there, and it’s becoming harder to find high-quality content. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work and sorted through them to find the best options for different audiences. From daily updates to educational insights, the ten podcasts we’ve covered above help you achieve your goals.

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Justin Kuepper