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top crypto twitter accounts

Top Crypto Twitter Accounts You Must Follow

If you are looking for top crypto Twitter accounts to follow, we have compiled a list of the 50 best crypto traders to follow on Twitter in this article.

So, you are on Twitter trying to find recommendations and tips for your next big investment. As you browse through several Twitter accounts, you see accounts with profile pictures of Bored Apes, several tweets rife with the talk of tokens, the Bitcoin boom, blockchains, and more. But, you can’t put a finger on any account or advice as you are not sure if they are legit.

Worry no more. We have prepared a list of top crypto Twitter accounts for you to follow. This list consists of popular executives, crypto founders, and promoters who know the crypto space inside out. Also, these accounts might help you lower the entry barrier into the crypto-verse by providing comprehensive coverage of themes such as DeFI, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFTs. So, without any delay let’s take a crack at the 50 best crypto traders to follow on Twitter.

50 Best Crypto Traders to Follow on Twitter

 In this list of crypto traders and influencers, you’ll find a bit of everything from technical analysis, to crypto markets, and even crypto memes. Let’s start with the first one.

1. SushiChef – @SushiSwap

SushiChef is the founder of SushiSwap, a well-known DEX platform. The founder has more than 215k followers and posts a lot of content on decentralized finance (DeFi). If you use SushiSwap, follow the SushiChef for regular updates and roadmap announcements. 

2. Frxresearch – @frxresearch

Frxresearch posts daily content on the market and can be considered one of the most active accounts on Twitter. Over 24k people follow Frxresearch on Twitter because they always have a clear take on the market. To keep up with the crypto market changes, following this account is a must. 

3. Mason Nystrom – @masonnystrom

Mason has more than 29k followers on Twitter due to his expertise as a research analyst at one of the leading cryptocurrency research companies, Messari. He tweets about DeFi, Web 3, and NFTs. On top of that, his tweets are research-based and often talk about the evolution of the crypto market. 

4. José Maria Macedo – @ZeMariaMacedo

José boasts more than 31k followers on the social media platform and is one of the top crypto Twitter accounts. José is an accomplished crypt expert and works as a partner in a leading investment and research firm, Delphi Digital. You can expect content about new protocols, DeFi, and more. 

5. Mike Dudas – @mdudas

Mike is the founder of The Block, he is an investor, and a VP at Paxos. He has over 100 thousand followers and posts a lot about DeFI, NFTs, crypto markets, and Metaverse/Web3. 

6. Katherine Wu – @katherineykwu

Katherine is an ex-Coinbase and Messari employee and an experienced crypto investor. She has more than 65k followers on Twitter and now works at Archetype VC  on decentralized crypto and Web3.

7. Jameson Lopp – @lopp

Jameson is one of the top crypto Twitter accounts as he has over 395k followers. He is the founder of CasaHODL and is one of the few original crypto enthusiasts. He posts a lot of content on crypto, its technological evolution, and its place in the finance realm. 

8. Zeus Ω |3, 3| – @ohmzeus

The founder of Olympus DAO—a leading rebasing DAO protocol—Zeus has more than 65k followers and posts about crypto-economics, finance, and DeFi. 

9. Checkmatey – @_Checkmatey_

Checkmatey is a famous analyst in the crypto world. He has conducted many studies on Bitcoin and Decred and analyzes the crypto market with Glassnode on a weekly basis. He educates his 62k+ followers on all things crypto with data-based insights.

10. Altcoin Gordon – @AltcoinGordon

He is one of the top crypto Twitter accounts to follow as he published technical analyses on the markets regularly. Altcoin Gordon is also one of the most well-known cryptos Twitter accounts with more than 420k+ followers. 

11. Alex Svanevik – @ASvanevik

Alex, the CEO of Nansen, a market-leading NFT and crypto insights company, posts insight-based content on Twitter for his 100k+ followers. 

12. James Todaro – @JamesTodaroMD

James posts about Web3, DeFi, financial markets, and the advancement of crypto and educates his 141k+ followers on Twitter. He is the managing director and partner at Greymatter Capital. 

13. Humble DeFi farmer – @PaikCapital

If you want to receive updates on technical analysis and well-thought-out opinions on crypto and DeFi markets, Humble DeFi farmer is the right influencer. His 63k+ followers get his updates daily. 

14. Joseph Todaro – @JosephTodaro_

Joseph Todaro publishes content on the analysis of crypto markets for his 13k+ followers. He is also a partner at Greymatter capital, a well-known research publication on crypto.

15. Cory – @coryklippsten

Cory posts almost every day on this Twitter account about the place of Bitcoin in financial markets, comments on the price of tokens, and discusses finance, money, and business. The CEO of SwanBitcoin has more than 78k followers on Twitter. 

16. Tegan Kline – @theklineventure

Tegan Kline is the founder at Edge & Note and she also is a former team member of The Graph Protocol, a popular Web3 protocol. She posts content around crypto and more to her 14k+ followers.

17. Crypto Leslie – @CryptoLeslie

Leslie publishes content regularly on cryptanalysis and crypto banking for her 6k+ followers on Twitter. She is a communications director at Anchorage Digital, a market-leading crypto bank. 

18. Joe Grech – @JoeBGrech

Joe is the head of the crypto at Chiliz, a popular fan token exchange. He has more than 23k followers who receive content based on DeFi, fan and sports tokens, and crypto markets. 

19. Vishal K. Gupta – @vishalkgupta

Vishal’s 5.5k+ followers get regular content on market developments, crypto updates, and more. He is one of the top crypto Twitter accounts to follow because is proficient in the Crypto market due to his position as head of exchange at Coinbase, a global crypto broker. 

20. Min Teo – @_MinTeo

Min Teo’s content surrounding crypto investments and markets is very insightful. He is also an investor at Ethereal Ventures and has around 5k followers on Twitter. 

21. Bitcoin Archive – @BTC_Archive

Bitcoin Archive is must follow as its content consists of all the significant progress Bitcoin has made and at the same time, they provide commentary on the movement of the market. For this reason, they have more than 980k followers. 

22. Matteo Leibowitz – @teo_leibowitz

Matteo is spearheading the venture arm of Uniswap, Uniswap Labs Ventures. He has around 5k followers on Twitter who regularly receive content about crypto investing and more. 

23. Dan Held – @danheld

Dan is the director of growth marketing at one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world, Kraken. He posts content for his 572k+ followers on topics such as crypto education, market analysis, and more. One of the top crypto Twitter accounts to follow for sure. 

24. Madelon Vos – @MadelonVos__ 

As an investor and media force in the crypto landscape, Madelon posts content around the technical analysis of the crypto market. He has more than 64k followers on this social media platform. 

25. Layah Heilpern – @LayahHeilpern

Layah can be seen as one of the top crypto Twitter accounts as she has written a book on Bitcoin and hosts a crypto podcast. She has 222k+ followers on Twitter and thousands of podcast listeners as well. 

26. Michaël van de Poppe – @CryptoMichNL

Michaël posts daily technical and market analyses on Bitcoin. He is a full-time trader from Amsterdam and has more than 585k+ followers on this platform. 

27. Tyler Winklevoss – @tyler

Tyler has one of the largest crypto followings on Twitter. He is the co-founder of Gemini, a leading crypto exchange. He frequently delves into cryptocurrency’s place in financial markets and educates his 1M + followers.

28. Arjun Balaji – @arjunblj

With 46k+ followers on Twitter, Arjun posts content regarding DeFi, smart contracts, crypto infrastructure, Bitcoin, and more. He is an investor in a crypto investment firm, Paradigm. 

29. The Crypto Dog – @TheCryptoDog

The Crypto Dog is a popular crypto Twitter account with more than 742k+ followers. The followers receive updates on DeFi, Bitcoin, and blockchain in a fun and informal way. 

30. Hailey Lennon – @HaileyLennonBTC

Hailey’s got more than 79k Twitter followers and is one of the most respected voices in the crypto space. She posts regularly on crypto regulations and more. 

31. Linda Xie – @ljxie

Linda publishes content regarding crypto adoption, DeFi, NFTs, smart contracts, Ethereum, and more. She is the co-founder of a crypto investment firm, Scalar Capital and thus, she has credibility and more than 142k+ followers. 

32. Tarun Chitra – @tarunchitra

Tarun tweets about new DeFi protocols, crypto mechanisms, and monetary policies to his 35k+ followers. His tweets are research-based on credible financial papers. He also tweets about blockchain and new technologies.

33. DonAlt – @CryptoDonAlt

DonAlt has more than 391k+ followers and posts daily about crypto to educate his audience about crypto investing. 

34. K A L E O – @CryptoKaleo

Kaleo is an experienced crypto trader with more than 478k+ followers. He posts daily insights and commentary on altcoin markets and Bitcoin. 

35. Willy Woo – @woonomic

Willy Woo is an eminent investor and analyst. His data-based insights on Bitcoin and his market predictions have garnered him over 1M+ followers on Twitter. He offers premium advice to his followers who pay for a newsletter with a more detailed analysis of the market. 

36. PlanB – @100trillionUSD

PlanB is the creator of the Stock-to-flow model and he expects Bitcoin to reach 288k by 2024. His tweets consist of graphs and analyses of crypto markets. He has more detailed pieces on his website. 

37. Documenting Bitcoin – @DocumentingBTC

With more than 743k+ followers on Twitter, Documenting Bitcoin is one of the top crypto Twitter accounts. The account registers key moments in Bitcoin’s development. 

38. Lyn Alden – @LynAldenContact

402k+ followers follow Lyn Alden for her research-based investment strategies and insights. Apart from her Twitter account, she educates her readers via her blog and newsletter. 

39. Peter Brandt – @PeterLBrandt

Peter Brandt has more than 632k+ followers who look for his valuable inputs on how to handle chart/technical lanterns, valuable investment advice, the psychology of trading, and more. 

40. Tuur Demeester – @TuurDemeester

Tuur researches digital assets’ place in our financial markets and tweets about price analysis and market reflections on his account. For this reason, Tuur has more than 230k+ followers. 

41. Noelle – @NoelleInMadrid

Noelle publishes research-based content on her account and therefore, she has more than 9.9k followers on her account. She is the head of market insights at Genesis Trading, a full-service digital currency prime broker. 

42. Thomas Lee – @fundstrat 

Thomas Lee has a massive following of 217k+ followers and financial outlets often quote him on Bitcoin’s price behavior. The founder of research and strategy firm, Fundstrat tweets evidence-based insights on his account. 

43. Nic Carter – @nic__carter

The founder of Coin Metrics, Nic Carter has a following of 318k+ on Twitter and publishes data-based insights about Bitcoin. 

44. Josie – @josiebellini

Josie is a digital artist who works on crypto, painting, and augmented reality. Josie posts innovative content about crypto, NFTs, and art. She has more than 32k followers on Twitter and her work is available at top exhibitions and crypto conferences. 

45. Eric Wall – @ercwl

Eric is the chief information officer at Arcane assets and has over 82k followers on Twitter. He tweets about Bitcoins’ charts, prices, and use cases. 

46. Barry Silbert – @BarrySilbert

Barry is a known figure in the crypto landscape as he is the founder and CEO of the Digital Currency group. He has more than 745k followers who receive his updates on Bitcoin’s institutional adoption.

47. Meltem Demirors – @Melt_Dem

Meltem is the chief strategy officer of a digital asset investment firm, CoinShares. His 240k+ followers receive updates about investment, crypto, venture capital, and more.  

48. Ryan Selkis – @twobitidiot

Ryan is the founder of Messari, one of the leading crypto research firms. He has 251k+ followers and he tweets to educate them about Messari’s latest discoveries and thoughts on the crypto space. 

49. Ari Paul – @AriDavidPaul

Ari posts short threads on investment, and crypto markets, and highlights his points of view from his past investment experience. He is considered a notable investor in the crypto space and thus, he has more than 215k followers on Twitter. 

50. Arianna Simpson – @AriannaSimpson

Arianna has more than 100k followers on Twitter and she posts about investments, crypto space, and VC-related content. She is a partner at a leading venture capital firm and that’s why she has a respectable voice in the crypto community. 

Final Thoughts

Well, there you go. We have listed down the 50 best crypto traders to follow on Twitter. These personalities have accomplished a lot in the crypto space and their know-how in crypto markets is unprecedented. If you want to learn about crypto from the best, these are surely the top crypto Twitter accounts to follow. 

Top Crypto Twitter Accounts FAQs

1. Who are the best crypto Twitter accounts?

There are several crypto Twitter accounts to follow, but the accounts we are going to mention below are the best of the best:
  • Barry Silbert – @BarrySilbert
  • Nic Carter – @nic__carter
  • Peter Brandt – @PeterLBrandt
  • Documenting Bitcoin – @DocumentingBTC
  • Willy Woo – @woonomic
  • K A L E O – @CryptoKaleo
  • Tyler Winklevoss – @Tyler
  • The Crypto Dog – @TheCryptoDog
  • 2. Who is the best crypto trader on Twitter?

    One of the best crypto traders on Twitter is Scott Melker — @scootmelker. He tweets by the name of “The Wolf of All Streets.” Scott was recently named North American influencer of the year by the Binance exchange.

    3. Which crypto influencer has the most followers on Twitter?

    Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum has the most followers on Twitter. He is the undisputed leader on Twitter’s crypto influencer base with over 2.1 million Twitter followers.