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ZenLedger Partners with april

ZenLedger and april Revolutionize Tax Filing with End-to-End Experience for Crypto Traders


In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency and digital assets, the complexities of taxation have left many traders and investors navigating a maze of tools and platforms to meet their tax filing needs. Recognizing the need for a simplified, seamless solution, ZenLedger is thrilled to announce a partnership with april, an innovative AI-powered financial technology company focused on modernizing taxes. The result of this collaboration is the launch of the first end-to-end tax filing experience in the crypto industry.

Simplifying the Complexities of Crypto Taxation:

Cryptocurrency taxation has grown increasingly complex, with traders and businesses often grappling with multiple tools and platforms to manage their tax obligations. The fragmented nature of the crypto, DeFi, and NFT landscapes has made processes like tax loss harvesting and cost basis calculations challenging without the use of crypto tax software like ZenLedger.

Until now, that process still required additional software for the user to finalize their return, but with our latest data integration with april, an IRS-authorized e-file provider, ZenLedger takes this simplification a step further to consolidate the entire tax experience. This unique integration eliminates the need for users to handle tax forms, transforming the tax filing process for cryptocurrency and digital asset traders.

Key Features of the ZenLedger and april Integration:

  • Full Service Solution: Users can bid farewell to multiple tax platforms, as the integration with april offers the first fully integrated crypto tax e-filing solution.
  • One-click Data Import: Transferring Crypto Tax Reports from ZenLedger to tax returns is effortless, without the need to handle forms like 8949 or .csv files.
  • AI-Powered and User-Friendly: The integration boasts AI-powered features, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) form capture, simplifying data entry for common forms like W-2 and previous years’ Form 1040.

Streamlining the Tax Filing Experience:

Pat Larsen, CEO and Co-Founder of ZenLedger, emphasized the need to simplify tax returns, stating, “The path to an accurate return should be clear and simple, which is what this solution is providing. We’re eliminating the confusion of customers mediating the output from different tools to their e-filers.”

As the cryptocurrency market continues to expand, ZenLedger and april are committed to providing innovative solutions that empower individuals and businesses to optimize their returns and navigate the tax landscape with efficiency. This partnership represents a significant stride towards simplifying and modernizing the crypto tax experience, ultimately benefiting the entire crypto community.

“Tax technology and the archaic preparation process has failed to meet the needs of today’s dynamic economy,” said Ben Borodach, co-founder and CEO of april. “We’re excited to partner with ZenLedger to help taxpayers maximize their financial opportunities by delivering the first holistic tax filing experience for cryptocurrency.”

Stay tuned for more updates as ZenLedger and april reshape the future of crypto tax filing with their pioneering end-to-end solution.