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ZenLedger Celsius

ZenLedger and Celsius Network Announce Strategic Partnership

A major Celsius Network update. This leading lending platform with over $5B in crypto loan originations, has announced a key product integration with ZenLedger.

ZenLedger And Celsius Network Tax Partnership

We are excited to announce a key product integration with Celsius Network, a leading lending platform with over $5B in crypto loan origination and $450M worth of managed digital assets. This new partnership will allow our clients to more easily file their taxes and to apply for crypto backed loans.

Celsius Network is a crypto wallet with over 70,000 users. It provides crypto-backed cash loans and interest-earning.

This new partnership will allow both ZenLedger and Celsius to provide even better service to their clients. Now cryptocurrency investors filing taxes with ZenLedger have an easy and seamless access to cryptocurrency backed loans directly from their ZenLedger account. It will save them even more time and will help them avoid selling crypto when they need cash to pay their taxes or for any other purposes. The clients of Celsius Network now have direct access to ZenLedger from the Celsius platform, which will help them during the tax season 2020 that starts today.

Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network: “Partnering with ZenLedger makes Celsius Network better and our users receive vital assistance and tools for their 2019 taxes. We are thrilled to be able to add this to the broadest suite of services app for lending, and look forward to assisting ZenLedger’s clients earn more interest and borrow cash against their assets.”

Pat Larsen, CEO of “Accounting and taxes in crypto are overly complicated. Celsius offers a great service to grow your crypto holdings and an easy user experience. ZenLedger saves you time and helps you keep more cash in your investment portfolio. We’re happy to help Celsius investors to keep growing their investments with safety and security.”

We are excited to see how this new partnership will help our clients during the tax season 2020!

Irina Barber