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ZenLedger announces eToro Partnership to Simplify Crypto Taxes | Get a Free Year of ZenLedger now!

April 16, 2023
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    We're proud to announce our new partnership with eToro, a leading trading platform that makes it easy to invest in crypto!

    eToro is the leading social trading platform that allows users to invest in assets, including cryptocurrencies, while engaging with other investors to maximize experience and knowledge. With its user-friendly interface and innovative features, eToro has quickly become one of the most popular trading platforms for everyone from new traders to experienced investors. By partnering with eToro, ZenLedger is able to offer its users an even more comprehensive suite of tools for managing their crypto investments and taxes.

    Our list of partners continues to grow and ZenLedger customers are the beneficiaries. We're bringing you the greatest network in the industry so that you can be the most successful investor possible. 


    To take advantage of this offer, simply follow these steps:

    1. Sign up for a new eToro account, here
    2. Make $100 in trades on eToro.
    3. We will notify you once we receive confirmation of your eligibility for a Free year of ZenLedger.

    Maximize your return this year while trading like a pro with eToro! 

    Sign up for eToro now!

    *Legal Disclaimer: Must be a new customer to eToro. Offer only applicable to US residents. Offer is good for one free Premium ZenLedger account - upgrades and additional costs may apply.

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