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Introducing ZenLedger Labs: The Home For Crypto Insights

August 3, 2022
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    Here at ZenLedger, we have become experts in blockchain data organization. To add to our extensive suite of tax compliance products, we are thrilled to introduce ZenLedger Labs! ZenLedger Labs is a single hub that offers simplicity, news, market insights/trends, portfolio research, and other alpha that helps investors make the best decisions possible. Consider ZenLedger Labs your new home for market research and discovery. 

    Here are some of the powerful tools that ZenLedger Labs provides:

    • Create a Favorites List - Track the Assets you care most about! Easily view the performance and data about those cryptocurrencies you care most about.

    • Discover new assets - Discover, sort, and analyze all crypto assets. Whether you’re into DeFi, NFT’s, Privacy Coins, or something else, we make it easy for you to see the trends and find what the next big mover might be.   

    • Create research portfolios (COMING SOON!) - Customize and analyze simulated research portfolios. Track the performance across multiple portfolio mixes or develop alternate scenarios to see how trades might play out.


    With more features constantly being added! ZenLedger Labs makes your decisions easier with quick access to trends and news!

    Sign up for a ZenLedger account here and get FREE access to ZenLedger Labs!

    About ZenLedger

    Founded in 2017,and built by industry veterans in technology, finance, and accounting, ZenLedger aggregates user transaction information across thousands of exchanges, wallets, and tokens into one simple dashboard, making it easy to calculate crypto tax liability and populate your forms. ZenLedger helps cryptocurrency investors and tax professionals stay compliant with integration support for over 400+ exchanges, 40+ blockchains, 20+ DeFi protocols, NFTs, and all wallets. Our team of engineers is always working hard to add more native integrations and features, and our customer support specialists are online 7 days a week to walk through any issues.

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