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Customers stressed with crypto taxes?

Weโ€™ll save them time and money so they have more for the things they love (like you)!

Hassle free tax experience

Provide your customers with access to ZenLedger to offer up a hassle-free tax experience that your customers will love!

Powerful UI

Our powerful UI can aggregate transaction data from all of your customers wallets, exchanges, or other sources to quickly calculate gains/losses and view your history in a single place.

How does ZenLedger work?



Connect to over 500+ crypto exchanges and wallets, including your platform!

Your customers will start by importing their crypto trading history from all exchanges and wallets into ZenLedger. ZenLedger will automatically calculate cost basis, fair market value, and gains/losses for their transaction history.



Review crypto transactions

Users can easily calculate capital gains and losses, and view tax liability for every cryptocurrency transaction. ZenLedger provides a resolution center to ensure imports are accounted for and successful. Customers can also review any historical cryptocurrency tax income such as mining, staking, lending, gifts, or even exchange rewards like airdrops and forks!



Download and file your crypto tax forms

After reviewing reports and ensuring accuracy, the final step is to generate tax reports and file them! For each tax year, the following documents are automatically created:

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See how weโ€™re helping some of the industries biggest players to provide their customers with the best crypto tax solution possible.

Invite your tax professional to ZenLedger at no cost. All plans offer a generous 1-year refund policy.

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