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In our crypto tax guides, we’ll outline all the information you need to know about filing cryptocurrency taxes. Including a comprehensive tax guide for professionals, NFTs and cryptocurrency, tax-loss harvesting, and Defi.


The Complete Guide to Crypto Tax-Loss Harvesting

Introduction to Tax-Loss Harvesting  So you bought your first cryptocurrency based on the recommendation of your friend – but bought at the wrong time, and now youโ€™re looking at a...


DeFi Crypto Tax Guide: Yield Farming, Lending, Liquidity Pools, and More

Learn what decentralized finance is and how your interactions with DeFi protocols are taxed. In this guide, we cover several aspects of DeFi including yield farming, the tax treatment of...


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) & Crypto Taxes Guide – 2023 Edition

Blockchains are great digital asset registries since they are secure and immutable. While cryptocurrencies have become synonymous with blockchain, the same technology can be used to store all kinds of...

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A Complete US Guide To Crypto Taxes

For the last few years, cryptocurrency has been all over the news and has become a global buzzword after Bitcoin reached its all-time high in the 4th quarter of 2021....


Comprehensive Crypto Tax Guide for Tax Professionals

Cryptocurrencies, freed from the pages of futuristic sci-fi novels, have gone from the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto’s hobby project to a mainstream investment in just 10 years. Despite the growing popularity...


Simplifying DeFi, NFT, and crypto taxes for investors and tax professionals