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Aave is a decentralized, open-source protocol that lets users buy, sell, borrow, lend and earn interest on crypto assets, without any intermediary involvement. This decentralized lending is possible because the entire operation runs autonomously via smart contracts that are built on an Ethereum blockchain.

Since its inception in 2017, Aave has been striving to be one of the top DeFi cryptocurrencies. But how does Aave work? Aave is an amalgam of lending pools where users can earn revenue by providing crypto assets to its software. This lets you buy AAVE with cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH.

Connecting Your Aave Account To ZenLedger

  • To import your transactions, log in to Aave and copy your receiving address.
  • Paste the receiving address you copied from Aave into the wallet address field in ZenLedger.
  • Select the proper coin from the dropdown list.
  • Select if the wallet is based in the USA or not.
  • Then hit add coin.

How To Generate Aave Crypto Tax Forms?

After you’ve connected your Aave account, completed your import, and confirmed that your transaction information and tax liabilities are correct, simply click to download your forms!

How To Buy Aave Crypto?

Let’s get started with how to buy Aave crypto using three simple steps.

1. Create An Online Account

Start by opening an account with an exchange that supports Aave. This cryptocurrency exchange will act as a trading platform for buying and selling cryptocurrency for a fee. There are several crypto exchanges that have integrated with Aave and choosing the best one for you will depend on your location and the type of cryptocurrency you wish to invest in.

2. Get Yourself A Wallet

After you’ve created your account, you need to think about keeping your tokens secure and safe. Though optional, a digital wallet will ensure the security of your tokens by giving you a private key. This key can open your wallet to safely store your tokens. Using a wallet you can restrict your liability in case your account gets in the hands of hackers.

You can choose from hardware and software wallets by considering their advantages and shortcomings.

3. Start Buying Aave!

Once you’ve created an account, set up your wallet, and funded your account, it’s time to place your first order to buy Aave. Here’s how you can buy crypto for your investment:

Step 1: Choose the type of order

The order type will conclude when your order has been filled and the amount you’ve to pay for each coin.

Step 2: Study the market and decide how much you’ll purchase

It is crucial to observe the current market rate before making a purchase, as the volatile crypto market is constantly changing.

Step 3: Place the order

A maximum price needs to be specified by you if you are willing to pay per token and also the number of tokens that you want to purchase. All of this will depend on your order type.

Step 4: Wait for your order to be filled by the broker

Once it has been submitted, your broker will fill in your order according to the set instructions. On completion of the order, your token can be seen in your wallet. If the order is not completed by your broker, it may be canceled by the end of the trading day.

How Does Aave Crypto Work?

Aave software works as a lending pool. Here you can deposit the funds that you wish to lend, which are eventually collected into a pool. When you wish to take out a loan, you can draw tokens from these pools. The tokens can then be transferred or traded as per your wishes.

To carry this process forward, two types of tokens are issued by Aave:

  1. aTokens
  2. AAVE tokens

aTokens are issued for the collection of interest on deposits. These tokens are issued to the lender and are secured to the value of another asset. The aToken is then encoded so lenders receive interest on deposits.

AAVE tokens, on the other hand, are the native tokens of Aave.

The holders of the AAVE tokens are granted the following benefits:

  • No extra fee for taking loans denomination in token
  • Can use AAVE as collateral for a discount on fees
  • Once the fee is paid get a chance to look at loans before they’re published
  • Post AAVE as collateral for more borrowing

The Bottom Line: Why Choose Aave?

Aave allows you to lend and borrow a range of digital assets. Aave’s website describes it as a “non-custodial liquidity protocol for earning interest on deposits and borrowing assets.” This is true as Aave is open for both institutional and retail investors. 

Other reasons to choose Aave include: 

  • Protocol code is public which maximizes transparency
  • Audited open source
  • Bug bounty campaign

Now that we have answers to “How To Buy Aave Crypto” and “How Does Aave Crypto Work”, it’ll be easier for you to make a choice.