While picking a cryptocurrency exchange, you might look for features such as ease-of-use, security, low transaction fees. There are hundreds if not thousands of platforms that offer convenience and low transaction fees, but they might not have top-notch security even if they claim to have it. 

Among all these platforms, a rising and emerging exchange is BigOne. Run anonymously, BigOne caters to the users who seek multiple crypto trading options on a single platform. But, what exactly is BigOne exchange? Does it have the makings of a robust exchange? We will provide insights on different aspects of this platform in this BigOne exchange review. 

Connecting your BigOne (ONE) Address to ZenLedger For Your Crypto Tax Forms

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What Is BigONE Exchange?

BigOne is a crypto-to-crypto trading platform where its users can trade all the major cryptocurrencies. Based in Singapore, BigOne was created by crypto experts with an in-depth knowledge of crypto trading platforms and proficiency in digital assets. 

BigOne functions on four fundamental principles: Professionalism, Integrity, Safety, and Win-Win. By adhering to these principles, BigOne has become one of the finest crypto exchanges and caters to its clients with all the resources and assistance required to succeed in the crypto market. 

BigONE Features

The platform offers several features for traders to buy/sell/trade cryptocurrency. Here are a few features:

  • Spot Trading: BigOne accepts more than 140 premium tokens such as ETH, BTC, BCH, and more for spot trading. ETH, BTC, BCH, and EOS can be used for margin trading as well
  • PoS Mining Pool: The exchange offers a mining pool of more than 14 products, which provide a pretty high annualized rate of return (AROR)
  • BigONE Loans: Users can instantly get a loan of 10,000 USDT with an interest rate of 1 USDT

Traders can access all these features with just one click and use them while trading cryptocurrencies. 

Registration Process With BigONE

The registration process with the BigOne exchange is quite simple and quick. Here’s how it is done:

  • Visit the BigOne website
  • Click on “Registration” to start the process
  • Once you click the button, you will be redirected to the registration page
  • Once there, fill out the registration form with your email address, name, and phone number
  • An authentication code is sent to the registered phone number to verify the user
  • Once the verification is done, you can log in with your user ID and password

Please Note: The exchange recommends finishing the verification process and then depositing funds into the trading account. 

BigOne uses two significant methods to verify a user:

Know Your Customer

The platform sticks to the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy to keep identity theft and terrorist funding in check. Due to the KYC process, every user is traceable in any part of the world. 

During the registration process, BigONE asks its users to provide accurate contact information, a valid picture, and proof of identification.  

Two-Factor Authentication

The BigONE exchange is secured by the two-factor authentication (2FA), which is integrated into the platform. The 2FA secure trading operations such as logins, deposits, withdrawals, and password changes. Any unauthorized access attempt on a user’s trading account is prohibited by the 2FA. 

BigONE Exchange Security

The platform is considered one of the most secure crypto exchanges because of its top-level security measures. The creators of the exchange designed BigOne to withstand the rampant security breaches prevalent in the crypto space. As we’ve mentioned above, the exchange already uses KYC and two-factor authentication, but BigOne also uses: 

Multiple Signature Cold Wallets

To boost the security of the platform even further, BigOne uses a mixture of cold and hot wallets. Cold wallets are also known as hardware wallets and hot wallets can also be called software wallets. BigOne’s approx. 98 percent of the total digital assets are stored in cold wallets in various physical locations.

Only 2 percent of the remaining digital assets are stored in hot wallets and are available to investors/traders in various day trading activities. Only senior authorities have manual access to these cold wallets, further enhancing security. 

Final Thoughts

With this BigOne exchange review we can say that the BigOne platform is legitimately secure and one of the best exchanges in the crypto space. It houses curing-edge security measures, a user-friendly platform with a multitude of features, and low transaction fees. Not to mention, it also offers online assistance to its users anytime they need it. Users can send requests and queries to the supported email address mentioned on their website. However, the website can be slightly improved.