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BRD Wallet

The BRD wallet was initially launched as BreadWallet by the Breadwinner AG, an organization founded in 2015. The company rebranded itself to Bread and launched an ICO for its token, called BRD. With close to 5 million users in more than 170 countries, BRD evolved as an easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet.

The BRD mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users. The BRD mobile wallet offers you to safely buy, exchange and sell Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and ERC20 tokens.

Connecting Your BRD Wallet To ZenLedger For Your Crypto Tax Forms

  • To import your BRD transactions into ZenLedger for your crypto tax forms, all we need is your public wallet address.
  • Paste your wallet address into the BRD wallet address field in ZenLedger.
  • Select the proper coin from the dropdown list.
  • Select if the wallet is based in the USA or not.
  • Then hit add a coin.

How To Use BRD Wallet?

Unlike most Bitcoin wallets, the BRD wallet offers a simple and fuss-free onboarding and wallet setup process.

1. Download And Install

You can download and install the BRD Wallet app from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

2. Create And Setup The BRD Wallet

Once the app has been downloaded, you have to create a wallet and a seed phrase. If you already have a seed phrase, you can choose “Restore Wallet” to receive a Recovery Phrase to initialize your BRD wallet. In order to create a new wallet go through the following steps:

  • Click “Get Started” on the newly installed app.
  • Set a PIN for unlocking access to your wallet and click “Continue”
  • Next, each word of your Private Recovery phrase will be displayed, and you will have to write down each of them for verification. Your wallet’s seed phrase is ready.

3. Add Funds To Your Wallet

You have the option to buy Bitcoin either from a supported exchange or from the in-app exchange of the crypto wallet. After buying the coins you have to send them to your BRD wallet.

How Does The BRD Wallet Work?

After setting up your wallet, it is now a completely functional wallet that you can use to send and receive cryptocurrency.

Sending Funds

  • Tap on “Send” from the wallet you want to send the coins and enter the amount
  • Enter the address of the recipient in the address field
  • Click “Confirm” to make the transactions.

Receiving Funds

  • Choose the coin you want to receive from the home screen
  • Click “Receive”
  • Copy your address or send your QR code and share it with your sender for scanning

Alternatively, you can also choose the “Request An Amount” and enter the amount of funds you want to receive, and the BRD app can generate a QR code just for that amount.

The Bottom Line: Why Choose BRD Wallet?

BRD wallet has a proven track record and has never been hacked. If you want more reasons to choose the BRD wallet, here’s a list of all the benefits that the wallet offers its users.

  • Non-custodial mobile wallet
  • Android and iOS versions are available
  • Fuss-free onboarding process
  • Proven security record
  • Beginner-friendly user interface
  • In-app buying and trading facilities
  • Supports credit card and wire transfer

BRD is a great choice for you if you want an easy-to-use hot wallet.