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In the past few years, crypto exchanges have emerged in large quantities across the world. The reason behind this growth is the rise cryptocurrencies have made, increasing the demand for a medium that facilitates the trade of this asset class. With new platforms launching frequently, it has become difficult for them to choose a particular platform that serves their need for simplicity. 

This is where STEX enters the picture. It is a centralized crypto exchange run by Etna Development, a financial firm based in Estonia. The user-friendly interface of the exchange makes it a perfect companion for beginner traders. The STEX exchange has been active since 2018 and has over 300,000 registered users. Such growth in the short term can be credited to the low fees on the exchange. In this concise piece, we will highlight many such features of the STEX crypto exchange.

Connecting your STEX Address to ZenLedger For Your Crypto Tax Forms 

As one of the most comprehensive cryptocurrency tax software options on the market, we have import instructions for well over 500+ exchanges

Within ZenLedger, on the Import Transactions page and Exchanges tab, select the Exchange you want to import. Then you’ll see a table that outlines the possible methods. We support a direct API code import for many centralized exchanges, while others may require a CSV import. Decentralized exchanges may require a wallet address.

To import your transactions from an exchange, simply navigate to the “Exchanges” tab of the “Imports” page. Select the exchange that you are looking to import, and instructions will be provided for that specific exchange!

Overview of STEX’s Features 

STEX stands for Smart Token Exchange and just like its name it has some smart features such as flexible and ultra-fast transactions, a one-of-a-kind user interface, enterprise-grade security, and more. In fact, it is so secure that it has never been hacked or breached since its launch in 2017. Moreover, it is backed by top financial merchants such as Mastercard and Visa. 

Almost all crypto exchanges focus on multiple cryptocurrency trades, but STEX only aims at Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and altcoin trades, making it a favorite for traders looking for new coins. 

Another thing to remember is that STEX is a crypto-to-crypto exchange and therefore, it doesn’t accept fiat currency such as EUR, USD, or YEN. However, the crypto pairs listed on the exchange are quite attractive for trading. Currently, the exchange has 265 listed coins and 5 active markets for trading. The standard transaction fee on the exchange is 0.2 percent, but if you are a verified trader, you just have to pay 0.05 percent. 

Registration Process

The registration process for the STEX exchange only takes a few minutes. One simple requirement of the exchange is that all traders must be above 18 years of age to register. 

First, you have to provide your email ID and create a password. After presenting the information, you’ll receive an email to confirm your account. We advise installing a 2FA to beef up the security of your account. 

After your account is created, the STEX crypto exchange would ask you to verify your account, which you should do right away. If you don’t verify your account, you cannot enjoy the features of the exchange to their fullest and you cannot withdraw funds. 

There are more than one ways to verify your STEX exchange account. The first method is to upload a selfie along with government-issued IDs. The second method is through PrivatBank and the third method is by acquiring Cryptonimica verification. 

The method you choose to verify your account changes the amount of time needed to finish up verification. If you wish to withdraw your funds, we recommend verifying your account before commencing trading. 

STEX Trading Dashboard and Trading Fees Structure

The STEX exchange offers a simplified model, which displays all the information required for trading in a well-laid-out manner. Also, the graph is positioned in the middle which helps in reading market movements. Under the graph, there are buy and sell boxes along with your trade history on the right. Finally, when you scroll down you can see all your trading history. 

Mobile App

STEX crypto exchange keeps up with the market trend of exchanges by providing a mobile app and offers a trading app for both iOS and Android devices. It is a simple app with basic trading tools that helps monitor traders and facilitates quick trades on the go. You can download the apps and log in from your existing account and enjoy the benefits. 


Since its inception, STEX has proved that it is a simple yet safe exchange and it is here to stay while building a great crypto community. Presently, the exchange has 300,000 users and the number is steadily increasing. It offers an excellent user interface with good translation fees. Also, it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.