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The only portfolio tracker you’ll ever need

No more toggling apps or mental math required. View all of your digital assets in a single dashboard so you can make the best financial decisions possible.


Keeping track of your investments doesn’t have to be difficult

You have investments in exchanges, NFTs, cold wallets, DeFi platforms, and maybe a few other things but you’re still doing mental math to know your total holdings. FORGET about understanding your cost basis…

Other solutions may give you totals, but can you trust their calculations? Your investments are too important to risk.


Our ingestion engine is already proven as the industry leader in crypto taxes

We’re using that same powerful platform to make real-time portfolio tracking fast and simple.

Real time overview & total holdings

Track your investments with automatic transaction syncing across wallets! Easily pull in the imports and connections from your existing account to see aggregated totals across all of your accounts.

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Cost basis & gains/loss

Understand the performance across your portfolio with clear cost basis on all of your assets. Say goodbye to the guesswork after years of Down Cost Averaging.
Allocation graph

Portfolio asset allocations

Monitor your asset balances and find deeper insights into your portfolio composition. You’ll always know when you might need to rebalance to account for that coin that just exploded!  
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Unrealized gains/loss

With clear insight into unrealized gains or loss reporting, you will know if you need to set aside funds to pay the tax bill or take advantage of Tax Loss Harvesting to minimize your liability.

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