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This Crypto Investor’s Road Back From A Year Behind Bars

Like any newly-licensed sixteen-year-old, Dan Hannum was cruising down a back country road near his home in Fairfax, VA when suddenly the quiet evening exploded around him. Out of nowhere, the wail of sirens and pulse of red and blue lights announced a massive police presence. They were looking for dope, again maybe not an atypical thing to find in the glove compartment or stuffed into the hollowed-out ashtray of a clever teen, but this was no accident. It was a trap, meant for him, and carefully planned at that. Inside the expensive, brand-new car registered in his name they would find over seventeen pounds of marijuana, representing just one pick-up in what had become a major operation for Hannum. This was no dime-bag story—he was facing up to half a decade behind bars for this infraction alone, not to mention the multiple smaller cases pending. Though the investor and now COO of crypto tax-accounting firm ZenLedger is sanguine about it today, speaking of his troubles as the best things that have ever happened to him, there’s no denying just how close he was to the edge, an edge there is often no coming back from. For Hannum though, this was far from an end. It was a beginning.

Rob S