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Advanced Cryptocurrency Training for Tax Professionals

Pat Larsen

Pat Larsen

Co-founder/CEO ZenLedger

Andrew Gordon

JD/CPA/President Gordon Law Group
Advanced Cryptocurrency Training for Tax Professionals Webinar



2019 and 2020 saw some interesting trends in crypto taxation: from informational letters sent by the IRS to crypto investors, new regulation issued in October, and the Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act of 2020 introduced in Congress.

Watch this webinar with Andrew Gordon, JD/CPA, President of Gordon Law Group, and Pat Larsen, CEO of ZenLedger, to get comprehensive training on professional crypto tax preparation.

Key Takeaways:
โ€ข Why you should work with crypto clients, and how to find crypto clients for your practice
โ€ข What’s new in crypto tax regulation
โ€ข How to become an expert in crypto taxation

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