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Covid-19 and Crypto Taxes

Covid-19 spread has already affected every aspect of our lives, and unfortunately, our crypto investments โ€“ Bitcoin lost almost 50% of its value in March. And even though the IRS extended the tax filing deadline to July 15 due to coronavirus, itโ€™s a good time to discuss how this crisis is going to affect tax season, and why you should consider filing your taxes as soon as you can.

AMA Session on Crypto Taxes

Due to overwhelming demand, we hosted an AMA session on crypto taxes with Andrew Gordon, JD/CPA, President of Gordon Law Group Ltd., and Pat Larsen, CEO of ZenLedger. We answered questions on the implications of the Oct 15 tax deadline, tax-loss harvesting, foreign exchanges, and so much more.

All You Need to Know about Crypto Taxes

Last year has seen some major changes in cryptocurrency taxation. From informational letters sent by the IRS to crypto investors, to the Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act of 2020. Watch this webinar with Andrew Gordon, JD/CPA, President of Gordon Law Group, to catch up with all the new regulations and get ready for the tax season.

All You Need to Know About Crypto Tax-Loss Harvesting

Keep more money in your pocket or in your portfolio, rather than giving it to the taxman! In this webinar, we take a look at how tax-loss harvesting works and how you can use it to reduce your tax burden with Pat Larsen, CEO of ZenLedger, and Andrew Gordon, JD/CPA, who is an expert in cryptocurrency taxation and legal structures.