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Rated Best Crypto Tax Software for Tax Professionals by Fortunly
Rated Best Crypto Tax Software for Tax Professionals by Fortunly
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ZenLedger App Dashboard

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How to Use ZenLedger in 3 Easy Steps

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1. Import

Import your transactions

Getting started with our crypto tax tool is easy! Simply import your exchanges and wallets via read-only API, CSV, or public receiving address to create a complete crypto tax report.

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2. Review 

Review your transactions 

Review your transactions to ensure that you’ve imported successfully. Our custom-built resolution center will help you identify any missing transactions to ensure accurate reports.

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3. Download

Download your forms

Instantly generate and sign your tax forms including Form 8949, Schedule 1, and Schedule D. Also included are our exclusive Tax-Loss Harvesting tool and Grand Unified Accounting reports.

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We’re loved by our customers because we make it easy for them to complete their cryptocurrency taxes and never overpay.

Exchanges and Integrations

ZenLedger crypto tax software supports over 400+ exchanges, including 30+ DeFi protocols.

Our crypto tax tool supports more exchanges, coins, wallets, blockchains, fiat currencies, and DeFi protocols than our competitors, and we are continuously adding new integrations.

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Cryptocurrency Tax Software

We offer the most advanced tools to help you save money on your taxes.

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The best pricing in the industry, including a free plan.

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Premium Support 

Our customer support team is here to help you 7 days a week, including evenings, by chat, email, or phone.

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TurboTax Integration 

ZenLedger is an official TurboTax partner. Quickly upload transactions from ZenLedger's crypto tax tool to TurboTax.

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Tax-Loss Harvesting Tool

Save money and trade smarter. Detailed report included in all plans.

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The Grand Unified Spreadsheet

See all your transaction details in one, easy to read spreadsheet.

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Security and Encryption 

We care deeply about your privacy and offer 2FA (two-factor authentication).

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Tax Professional Suite

Help Your Clients Prepare and File Their Cryptocurrency Taxes.

Are you supporting clients that own cryptocurrency? Or would you like to expand your practice into crypto without wasting lots of time with data? Then, you're in the right place! Our Tax Professional Suite allows you to easily manage client portfolios from a single interface at no cost to the tax professional. You can quickly reconcile transactions and automatically generate tax forms for multiple clients at a time with our crypto tax software.

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Simplifying DeFi, NFT, and Crypto Taxes for Investors and Tax Professionals.

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Frequently Asked Crypto Tax Questions


How is crypto tax calculated?

Each time a crypto asset is acquired, mined or received for a profit, the gains automatically qualify as capital gains. According to the IRS, crypto assets are treated as property and hence, are taxable. So your capital gains will also be taxed accordingly and are known as capital gains tax. Capital gains can be calculated using the formula:

Fair market value - Cost basis - Fees = Capital gains

The rate of tax will depend on the income and holding period of the assets.


How do you avoid taxes on crypto?

There is no way that you can avoid paying crypto taxes to the IRS. However, you can minimize your tax obligations in a few ways. If your losses outweigh your gains, you can offset $3,000 of income, as well as take advantage of the lack of wash sale rule using tax-loss harvesting.

Aside from that, you can also consider buying crypto via an IRA (Individual Retirement Account). Or, if you’re feeling generous, you can also donate your assets to a tax-exemption organization or gift up to $15,000 worth of crypto assets to your friends and family to avoid crypto taxes.


How much taxes do you pay on crypto profit?

The rate of tax on your crypto profits depends on two crucial factors: the holding period of the assets and income brackets. Based on the holding period, crypto gains can be of two types.

Short-term capital gains taxes, where assets are held less than a year and the rates range from 10% to 37%. Next are long-term capital gains taxes, in which the assets are held for over a year before selling them. In this case, the rate of taxes ranges from 0% to 20%, depending on your income.


Do you need to report crypto gains?

Cryptocurrency is taxed the same way as property. So whenever you’re disposing of an asset for another asset, you’ll be liable to pay taxes, based on the transaction that you carry out. Your transaction can be categorized into two types of taxable events: capital gains taxes and income taxes. And again, there are some transactions that are tax-free. So, depending on the transaction you’ll have to report your crypto gains to the IRS.


Is crypto tax software safe?

Crypto tax software helps you by tracking, managing, and calculating the gains or losses on your crypto transactions. Your funds are not accessible through crypto tax software, they are read-only, so this keeps your assets safe from hacks or theft.


How can ZenLedger help?

ZenLedger is the best crypto tax software. You can not only generate your crypto tax reports but also track your asset portfolio. And not just that, one can easily contact customer support to help with any questions. ZenLedger currently supports over 400+ exchanges, 7000 token types, 20+ DeFi protocols, ERC-721 NFTs and all wallets. We are also racing to integrate additional exchanges, wallets, blockchains and protocols daily, and will soon have support for more NFT standards.

Simplifying DeFi, NFT, and Crypto Taxes for Investors and Tax Professionals

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